EVOLVE! A Personal Growth Coaching Program
Bonnie Harken, Nationally Certified Life Coach (NCLC)

What is this program?
Coaching is about stability and growth rather than dysfunction and healing. Whereas psychotherapy and counseling are primarily about the past and present, coaching is primarily about the future.  Coaching can be extremely helpful during life transitions or during recovery.

As a coach I help you hear yourself more clearly and gain a greater sense of what you are being drawn to. Our Evolve! coaching helps you develop plans and take action to ensure follow-through as you evolve to a new phase of your life.

Who attends this program?

Women who have:

This program can address these key life issues:

Coaching focuses growth. Whatever the life issues, all coaching clients hold a deep desire for richer, more fulfilling, more God-honoring growth in their lives. 

As a coach I will listen for and focus on the gap between where you are now and where you sense you are being called to be.  Coaching prompts you to think about things you’ve never considered before, or may have dismissed as impossible.

As your coach, I am your collaborative partner. When we work together I will help you to listen to and express your heart and mind, your core values — what some would call “the desires of their hearts.” I will help you move proactively toward the clarified vision that results from such non-directive exploration and help you with practical tools and techniques for achieving your goals.

During a coaching process you may examine your:

What is the advantage of group coaching?

Peer Learning process: Group coaching can be appealing as it involves a peer learning process. A collaborative group learning environment where they learn from the insights and contributions of peers, as they do from their own reflections.

For clients who are more introverted, the peer learning process may feel “less on the spot” and provide more time for reflection and articulation of their insights. The “collective wisdom” created and explored is often identified as a key benefit.

Lower Cost: Coaching in a group oriented, defined program not only offers cost effectiveness but also defines your financial investment for budgeting purposes as opposed to individual sessions which cost more and do not have a defined beginning and ending point.  

For anyone considering coaching to help reach goals and objectives, we offer a free 20-minute phone interview to help you understand the coaching process and to evaluate whether coaching is the answer for you. This coaching program includes an initial free needs assessment, one 6 hour group coaching session at the Crossroads facility, and a followup teleconference 30 days after the program.  This is a value of over $1125.  The total cost for the Evolve! Coaching Program is $299.  We accept all major credit cards, Paypal credit, and checks.

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About the coach:
Bonnie is a Nationally Certified Life Coach (NCLC) and has been in the treatment field since 1987.  She was a founding officer of Remuda Ranch Centers serving as a Vice President until February 2002. Since February 2002 she has served as the Managing Director of The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation (iaedp). She has served many major treatment facilities as a consultant and as a coach and/or mentor for their employees.

The last 30 years of my life has been devoted to helping women with the struggles they face in their lives.
It has been a dream of mine to open Crossroads to serve women who suffer with emotional issues that interrupt and disrupt their lives  Our intensive outpatient programs, facilitated by prominent clinicians, offer practical tools for change as well as providing an individualized aftercare plan.

It is exciting to add life coaching programs to our services because I am committed to helping women improve their well-being and their lives.  This represents an expansion of the services we have created to help women.  There are many women who do not need therapy or have completed a therapeutic process but want help achieving new goals in their lives. This program is for them!

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