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Alumni System Services

For a treatment center, former patients should be a source of many referrals to your center. They leave your facility with an aftercare plan that includes support groups and other treatment supports where they meet with others who may need treatment. Former patients at a treatment facility also want to reconnect with each other.

Crossroads Professional Alumni Services can assist in setting up a system for consistent alumni contacts as well as hosting alumni events. We can provide an appropriate format and program for this contact without violating the necessary boundaries needed for patients to transition back to their lives. Each program is designed to meet your needs as well as support your former patients on their path to recovery. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the treatment field.

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Crossroads Programs Inc. is dedicated to helping women who struggle with eating disorders, relationship issues, and situational stressors that interrupt and disrupt their lives.  The philosophy of our approach is to provide programs by prominent clinicians offering focused and innovative care solutions.